Tideway To Live Stream Underground Performance At London’s New Super Sewer

Today marks the end of tunneling for London’s Thames Tideway Tunnel or ‘Super Sewer’ and to commemorate this engineering feat, a live performance takes place 70 meters underground in the depth of the tunnel itself. The performance, by London-based composer and musician Rob Lewis, is streamed live by Tideway and combines multi-instrumental music with the sounds of sewer construction, capturing the unique acoustic properties of the space.

“Completion of the tunnels for London’s new super sewer is a testament to the hard work and contributions of thousands of people and organizations over many years – and it brings us closer to the ultimate goal of a cleaner River Thames. This achievement celebrates an important milestone in our efforts to create a more sustainable London for our growing population and we are delighted to commemorate the end of tunneling in such a unique way.” – Sir Neville Simms, Chairman of Tideway

Audiences can expect a symphony of percussion instruments, cello harmonics and piano to embody the flow and movement of water, the complex construction of the sewage system and ultimately the brighter future of a cleaner London.
Representing the journey and positive environmental impact of London’s new super sewer, the piece features field shots of Tideway’s construction sites that set the scene for the composition.

“Today marks a significant achievement after four years of work on our tunneling machinery under the River Thames. This project is all about protecting the Thames from sewage pollution – and now that the tunnel’s outer shell is completed we are one step closer to giving London the healthier river it deserves.” – Mousa Khalifeh, Senior Project Manager at Chambers Wharf

Sustainability is at the heart of Tideway’s values ​​and mission with their investments in local communities, education, training and the supply chain so that the legacy of the Tideway project will be deep and long lasting not only for London but also for the UK as a whole.

Over 90% of the excavated spoil removed to make the tunnels was barge removed from the site, keeping trucks off the road and achieving significant environmental benefits compared to the truck equivalent.

The Tideway project is to be completed by 2025, after secondary cladding, bonding and testing work. To date, the Tideway project has resulted in the creation of more than 4,000 sustainable jobs and more than 100 apprenticeships.

The performance will take place on Tideway’s Chambers Wharf site and can be viewed on Tideway’s YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/tidewaylondon

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