Toronto’s glitzy new raucous bar is like spending a night on the coast and here’s a first look

A brand new restaurant has landed on King Street West, and it’s bringing some glamor to the area. Mademoiselle Raw Bar + Grill is the latest concept from Peter Girges of MARBL, but don’t expect a cheap night out here.

The chic spot will officially open on May 12 and welcome guests to a bold and contemporary venue inspired by the European coast.

Mademoiselle exterior. Mademoiselle exterior. Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

This night restaurant is open from 5pm to 2am and offers a range of seafood and raw dishes as well as pasta, sushi and more. From crab legs to caviar, some dishes cost $100 or more, so say goodbye to your paycheck.

With dazzling chandeliers and cherry blossom trees, this place has next-level decor, and here’s a little peek inside.

The space

Located in the heart of King West, Mademoiselle has transformed what used to be an adults-only entertainment club, For Your Eyes Only, into a glitzy dining space.

The restaurant started out as a private eatery on the lower level of MARBL, and Girges saw an opportunity to bring Mademoiselle to life when the clubroom became available. After a major renovation, the raw bar was born, and you can easily see the white exterior as you pass by.

Mademoiselle interior.Mademoiselle interior.Thanks to Mademoiselle

The interior is not short on glamour, and it’s easy to feel like you’re stepping into a beach club. The inspiration comes from coasts including the south of France, the north of the Mediterranean and South Beach Miami.

The blue and white color scheme is reminiscent of a Greek holiday and twinkling chandeliers hang from the towering ceiling. Lush cherry trees are scattered throughout the dining area, bringing that warm summer feeling to the space, regardless of the weather outside.

Mademoiselle interior.Mademoiselle interior.Thanks to Mademoiselle

The ground floor is filled with sleek booths, as well as a long bar and a pastel-colored backlit wall. The wraparound second floor overlooks the entire space and features another bar and more booths.

Mademoiselle interior.Mademoiselle interior.Madeline Forsyth | Narcity

The bathrooms are just as glamorous as the rest of the venue, and you can even find a DJ inside.

The food

Chef Evan Dickinson’s menu features an abundance of seafood, including oysters, caviar, and raw vegetables. You can start the night with dishes like crab cakes, grilled octopus, ahi tuna tartare and PEI mussels.

Seafood at Mademoiselle. Seafood at Mademoiselle. Thanks to Mademoiselle

There are several sushi options on the menu, with a wide price range. One option is the Spicy Tuna, which consists of jalapeño, yuzu tobbiko, and tempura bits for $25.

The most expensive sushi is the aptly named “Fu*#You Roll!!!” which costs a whopping $100 and is loaded with Wagyu A5, caviar, foie gras, truffle, lobster tempura gold, Henessey soy glaze, and spicy mayo. That’s an expensive bite!

Seafood at Mademoiselle. Seafood at Mademoiselle. Thanks to Mademoiselle

Other notable dishes include the Seafood Towers, Lobster Spaghetti, and the Tomahawk.

The drinks

A highlight of the restaurant is the mixology bar, which offers a range of curated cocktails. These drinks are both Instagrammable and tasty, with bold and unique flavors.

The Lady.The Lady.Thanks to Mademoiselle

The Madame is worth a try, especially if you like a citrusy yet sweet taste. It’s made with lemon infused gin, Lemoncello, Lemon Rum Chatta, and lemon juice.

If you feel like it, you can order the Cocoa Chanel. It is mixed with chocolate liqueur and finished with smoke and a toasted marshmallow. Don’t expect it to be sweet though, it definitely has a strong flavor.

Cocoa Chanel.Cocoa Chanel.Thanks to Mademoiselle

Another one to try is the Ginger Divine, and the vibrant blue color matches the atmosphere of the restaurant. It comes with honey chamomile, ginger and lime for a refreshing sip.


Mademoiselle interior.

Madeline Forsyth | Narcity


Cuisine: Seafood

Address: 563 King St. W., Toronto, ON

Why you should go: This chic new spot is like spending a night on the coast, and it offers a range of seafood dishes and cocktails.


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