Tory Peer’s London home raided by police over PPE fraud investigation

The London home of Tory colleague Michelle Mone has been raided by police as part of an investigation into a multimillion-pound PPE fraud.

The National Crime Agency is investigating deals with PPE Medpro, a company founded by a business partner of Baroness Mone.

Her £11million London home, owned by an offshore company linked to her husband’s Isle of Man company, is one of several properties raided by NCA agents this week.

According to Mirror reportsIt’s clear that a special unit within the NBA has been investigating the allegations for a year.

PPE Medpro won more than £200m in Covid contracts from the Department of Health in 2020 after Baroness Mone referred the company to cabinet via the so-called “VIP job”.

On Wednesday, warrants were executed at four addresses in the Isle of Man, including the Douglas headquarters of the Knox Group of Companies, which was founded and chaired by Doug Barrowman, the husband of Mone’s businessman.


Late last year, a Liberal Democrat colleague called on the House of Lords to tighten its rules of conduct after no action was taken against Mone after she allegedly sent a racist message to a man of Indian descent.

According to reports, Mone told a man, Richard Lyonton-Jones, that he was “a waste of a man’s fair skin” during a disagreement after a fatal yacht crash off Monaco in 2019.

In the weeks following the crash, which killed a crew member, Mone accused Lynton-Jones and his partner of breaking up shortly after the incident and wondered if Lyonton Jones’ partner had suffered trauma.

Lynton-Jones sent Mone a message saying, “I’d rather you fucking go back.” According to the complaint, Mone then replied:

“You and your mental madman of a girlfriend broke up [sic] like a freak! … Your [sic] a low life, a waste of a mans [sic] white skin so don’t tell us your lies. Your [sic] a total disgrace.”

She added: “Now you handle the police investigations, including your crazy bird.”

Lynton-Jones replied, “A waste of a white man’s skin? I didn’t know you were racist, Michelle.’

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