Tower of London: the creepy ‘hand in the wall’ and why the Beefeaters put it there

Anyone who has ever visited the Tower of London knows that there is a lot to see when you walk through the castle. So you could be forgiven for missing something as small as, say, a hand-sized section of a missing wall. With one hand in it.

Despite its obvious creepiness, many visitors miss the hanging hand embedded in the fort’s North Byward tower — at, er, hand height. But there’s a horrifying story behind the object, as one inhabitant of the tower recently revealed, stretching all the way back to the horrific punishments seen in the Middle Ages.

Influencer Megan Clawson, who achieved TikTok stardom for her videos showing the various secrets of the historic fortress where she lives (her father is a Beefeater), shared the story behind ‘The Hand In The Wall’ on her earlier this year. page. Megan described how she’s “pretty used to the gallows humor of the Yeoman Warders in the Tower of London” by now.

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“They leave little humorous Easter eggs all over the tower that many visitors miss,” added Megan, who told her 199,000 TikTok followers, “including the hand in the wall.” As she walked through the tower to the hand in the video, she went on to share the eerie reason it’s believed to be there.

Megan told her followers, “The story goes that you once needed a password to get in. To give the password, you had to put your hand in this spice. [indicates hole in the wall] next to the North Byward tower.” But what she described next indicates that there may have been some pretty horrific punishment for anyone who didn’t know the word.

Megan dramatically informed her followers, “If you got the password wrong, they would cut your hand off every now and then.”

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