Tuskegee resident describes journey from India to Alabama in new book

June Samuel struggles.

Her parents moved to Alabama when she was 8 years old, leaving her in India to be raised by her grandfather. They kept a relationship across the seas, but traveling or communicating back and forth wasn’t easy in the ’60s.

By the time Samuel completed medical school and married, she had amassed enough funds to follow her parents, who lived and worked in Tuskegee at the time. There she experienced the culture shock and fear that comes with being the only Indian family in a small, rural town.

She became a mother herself when she met her own mother, but a few years later her parents decided to move back to India.

“It’s a torn life,” said Samuel.

Now a retired doctor, Samuel still lives in Tuskegee with her husband. They are also still the only Indian family in the city.

However, she claims to have learned one lesson through each of these chapters of her life: how to carry on.

June Samuel signs a copy of her book

With that in mind, she decided to write a collection of short stories about her life in India, her relationships with those who raised her, the faith that pushed her forward, and her love for rural Alabama. Covenant Books published Samuel’s book, “The Audacity to Carry On,” earlier this year, and it’s now on sale at Amazon and other online bookstores.

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