United States Provides $431 Million in Additional Humanitarian Aid to the People of Yemen | Press release

The United States is providing $431 million in additional humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). This brings the total amount the US government has provided to Yemen’s humanitarian aid to over $1 billion in FY 2022.

Years of conflict – along with an economic crisis, high unemployment and rising food and fuel prices – have left more than 19 million Yemenis in need of food aid. Russia’s unprovoked further invasion of Ukraine has had a particularly adverse effect on Yemen, where imports account for 90 percent of the country’s food. With this funding, USAID partners can continue to reach millions of vulnerable Yemenis with emergency food assistance, malnutrition treatment, protection and safe drinking water and improved sanitation.

This announcement comes as the parties to the conflict agreed to extend the UN-led ceasefire for another two months. The ceasefire has given the Yemeni people a temporary respite from this devastating war and makes it clear that only a political agreement between the Yemeni parties can lastingly resolve the conflict and reverse the dire humanitarian situation. Until then, humanitarian aid is vital to save lives and reduce suffering, but must be able to reach the people who need it most. It is imperative that the Houthis open roads in Taiz and other governorates. All parties must take steps to fulfill their obligations under the current UN ceasefire to ensure a safe work environment and facilitate access for aid workers. We urge all parties to work constructively with the UN Special Envoy to agree on the comprehensive proposal that would improve freedom of movement, increase salary payments and pave the way for a sustainable Yemen-led solution to the conflict.

The Yemeni people deserve peace. The United States stands behind the people of Yemen and will continue to work with our partners to provide life-saving assistance to those in need. But we can’t do it alone. It is imperative that other donors and the international community step up now to fill the huge funding gaps so that partners can respond widely, save lives and prevent conditions in Yemen from deteriorating.

This financing was made available after the withdrawal of the full balance of the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trustand of the $2.76 billion included in the additional emergency funds announced by President Joe Biden on June 27, 2022. USAID is immediately deploying these new funds to address the most serious effects of the global food security crisis through direct food aid and related health, nutrition, protection and water, sanitation and hygiene services in countries with high levels of acute food insecurity, dependence on Russian and Ukrainian imports and vulnerability to price shocks.

For the latest updates on USAID’s humanitarian aid in Yemen, visit here.

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