Unlike Google Glass, these new AR glasses unveiled at I/O could be practical

In response to reports that Google has been Developing AR glasseshas the company indeed announced prototype glasses this year Google I/O Conference

Google’s focus with these glasses seems to be on useful features like language translation. Google acquires smart glasses maker North in 2020and his work with Google Glass pioneered smart glasses nearly a decade ago.

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Google gives us a glimpse of new AR glasses with live…


Google’s teasing of its glasses was brief, but the company’s continued advancement in AR tools through its phones, search and Lens look ready to transfer to his glasses too. But there is no clear indication when these glasses will be available for sale.

Google has been active in VR and AR for years. Although no company has everyday smart glasses with regular use, Google seems to be trying again.

One of the most interesting parts of the new glasses initiative is the focus on practicality. The ability to understand and be understood is actually helpful. These goggles are not aimed at floating dinosaurs or magical experiences; they try to help. Meta’s recent ambitions for smart glass have also focused on providing usability, but Google’s experience and tools seem well suited to the challenge.

As Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai noted in a blog post, the company is working to make these prototype glasses deliver language in a line of sight experience. Google’s work with AR will likely be incremental, but it also looks like it’s trying services first. In that sense, these glasses already seem quite different from the more magical VR headset that To dream used to be. In many ways, it’s like the kind of thing I always expected Google Glass to do one day.

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