US Howitzers Crush Enemy on Front Line

US M777 howitzers, which Ukraine’s armed forces received as part of US military aid, are already effectively crushing Russian invaders on the front lines.

“Extremely high accuracy, quality and efficiency. US 155mm M777 howitzers, which the armed forces received as part of US military aid, crush all the occupiers on the front lines. A modern gun with a range of more than 30 km surpasses the Russian artillery gun,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense posted on Facebook.

The ministry released a video of one of the evidences of howitzers’ effectiveness: destroyed the Russian crossing and about 70 units of enemy equipment.

Earlier, the Department of Defense showed video lifehacks of the FGM-148 Javelin system in action.

In late April, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the creation of an International Contact Group for Ukraine’s Defense with the participation of more than 40 countries.

The US Department of Defense has established the EUCOM Control Center of Ukraine (ECCU) to coordinate and optimize arms supplies to Ukraine from the United States and its allies.

Photo credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


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