Vancouver Non-Partisan Association Shares ’22 Election List’

The Vancouver Non-Partisan Association has recruited three candidates for city council from the police world

The Vancouver Non-Partisan Association goes with a law and order theme to its slate, unveiled at a fundraiser for the Italian Cultural Center on May 24.

The John Coupar-led party has recruited three candidates for city council from the police world: former intelligence officer Cinnamon Bhayani of the Canadian Border Services Agency, Mauro Francis, director of the South Vancouver Community Policing Center and crime analyst Arezo Zarrbian of the Vancouver Police Department.

They join the lone incumbent Melissa De Genova on the October 15 NPA ticket. De Genova is aiming for her third term on 12th and Cambie. Three of the other four elected in 2018 left the party in April 2021 when Coupar was named mayoral candidate by the party board last year.

Other NPA candidates running for city council include Elaine Allan, Skills Canada-BC CEO, and Dunbar Theater operator Ken Charko.

Incumbent Tricia Barker is one of four candidates for Park Board. Sports management consultant Ray Goldenchild, InTech Environmental president Dave Pasin and photographer and travel consultant Matt Pregent complete the team.

NPA candidates for the school board are to be announced.

In a prepared statement, Coupar says incumbent Mayor Kennedy Stewart has gotten Vancouver into trouble.

“It has become unaffordable for too many young people and newcomers,” Coupar said. “Homelessness is worse than ever and so is crime. The city is dirty and does not work for our residents. And meanwhile, the mayor and his allies on the council seem to have no idea what to do about these issues.”

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