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At one time or another, we’ve probably all wished we had a VR headset that let us fly through our designs. Though not quite the same thing, [manahiyo831] has something that might be even better: a VR spectrum analyzer. You can get an idea of ​​what it looks like in the video below, although that’s actually from an earlier version.

The video shows a remote PC using an RTL dongle to pick up signals. The newer version runs on the Quest 2 headset, so you can easily attach the dongle to the headset. Sure, you’d look like a spaceman with this on, but – quite frankly – if you’re willing to be seen in the headset, it’s not that much more hardware.

What we would like to see, however, is a directional antenna so you can see the signals in the direction you were looking. Well that would be something. As it is, this is undeniably cool, but we’re not sure what its real use is.

What other VR test gear would you like to see? A Tron-like logic analyzer? A function generator that lets you draw waveforms in the sky? A headset oscilloscope? Or maybe just a giant workbench in VR?

A spectrum analyzer is a natural project for an SDR. Or things with SDRs in them.

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