Wandering in London – the must-sees for alternative tourists

London is a potent combination of history, fashion, attractions and culture that becomes more and more attractive as time goes by. For decades it has been chosen as a must-visit destination and for good reason, as it can satisfy the most discerning visitor. Five days are enough to seduce you, make you feel “international” and help you enter the culture of diversity. To experience it, however, you need to see London as a local traveler rather than a tourist.

Are you ready? London is calling!

  1. A cup of tea please
    A local traveler in London must necessarily start with a “British tea”. Just outside the Green Park tube (subway station) overlooking Buckingham Palace, you’ll find a beautiful cafe kiosk. Thousands of passers-by and tourists wait for the changing of the guard. It is a London attraction worth visiting to understand the British royal style. So you too will find a good location near the Queen Victoria Memorial to enjoy the “show”. Yes, it’s time for your first social media story.
  2. Big Ben and a cruise to Greenwich
    After a short break, it’s time to get lost in Hyde Park. Squirrels fly left and right; the place is fragrant with floral aromas. Crossing the park you will find yourself in Westminster. You can also take a look at the most famous clock in the world, Big Ben. Finally, you can also drive to Westminster Pier and buy a boat trip to Greenwich. Yes, it is worth visiting this strange village in the middle of London by crossing major landmarks such as the London Eye and London Bridge.
  3. The Shakespeare’s Theater
    Meander through the theatre, check out the sets and sit down to enjoy a short performance of the British author’s work. Leaving the Shakespeare attraction behind, continue your walk. The only way to get to know London, as the locals say, is on foot. Snap a photo in front of London City Hall and the naval ship. Ten minutes before reaching London Bridge, you will find the remains of a medieval church. St Dustan’s Church was destroyed in World War II, but the Anglican Church did not accept it being restored.
  4. London Bridge, London Tower and Tower-Castle
    Cross the London Bridge and walk to the London Tower. Remember, it’s worth cutting a ticket and touring the tower castle. After the tour, hop on the subway and get off on Bond Street. Walk to the Mayfair area and have lunch at Wolseley Restaurant. You will be compensated by the taste and the space of the shop from the fatigue of the day.
  5. Hollywood with perfume from London
    An exciting idea is to start your day with brunch at Amoret coffee Portobello in Notting Hill. Follow in the footsteps of Julia Robert and Hugh Gran and feel famous. Visit The Bookshop and The Open Market of Portobello and experience the Hollywood atmosphere in the British capital. Walk into the unknown to tourists, the Chepstow Villas neighborhood. You will find a number of shops and boutiques to do your shopping before reaching Oxford Street. Take a photo in the Elgin Crescent neighborhood with the colored balconies of the houses and try different types of fresh fruits. In Oxford Street, Bond Street and Barret Street you can enjoy shopping.
  6. Beijing to London
    Like New York, London has its own Chinatown. Dine at one of the restaurants nearby. Recommended for the buffet is Chinatown Gate. You eat one of the best Chinese in the world. Take a stroll through the area and embrace London with a beer at the Dog and Duck pub in Soho.
  7. Bohemian Day in London
    Back to black….and yes, it’s time for Camden Town, the location of the Amy Winehouse. Wander through Camden’s open market and find antiques and old vintages. Camden Town’s fame comes primarily from its markets, nighttime bohemian life and alternative culture. The gothic, the punks and the hipsters will feel at home here. Camden Locke, on one side of the street with the historic Stables Market, will impress you. On the other side is Camden Lock Village, the newest part of Camden that has been redeveloped after a major fire in 2008. Next to the canals there are many cafes, but if you want something different you should try some of the stalls. The possibilities are endless and always vary. Buy boots, jackets and dresses at great prices.

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