Watch Kelsea Ballerini’s Husband’s Epic Reaction to Her Bikini Dancing on TikTok

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Summer is officially in full swing, and Kelsea Ballerini enjoy her time in the sun.

But before the temperatures started to soar, the country singer celebrated her latest single “Heartfirst” with a dip in the pool earlier this spring. It all went wrong on April 19, just days after Kelsea released her new song, inspired by her belief that “nothing great happens in life unless you take the risk and take the plunge.” After she performed “Heartfirst” for the first time at the 2022 CMT Awards, she was still sitting high as she danced to it in a swimming pool, as seen in the TikTok below. In the clip, Kelsea was seen wearing a chocolate brown bikini and a straw hat.

In the background people saw her husband of four years, Morgan Evans, looking at her playfulness. But he seemed a little more relaxed in a corner with a hat, navy long-sleeved shirt, orange shorts and dark sunglasses on.

After seeing the award-winning performer having a good time, fans wasted no time commenting on Kelsea and Morgan’s different moods. “Morgan sits there in the background 😂,” one person wrote. “Morgan is just chilling,” added another. “At least you’re having fun ️”, said another fan.

Additionally, Morgan himself stopped by Kelsea’s TikTok comment section to share his two cents. He seemed to agree with everyone that they enjoyed their vacation in Mexico a little differently. “Both are living our best lives haha,” he wrote.

According to their Instagram, after Kelsea hosted the CMT Awards for the second time in a row, the husband-wife duo headed for a more tropical climate.

While the Australian mom didn’t seem too amused by Kelsea’s antics, she previously revealed that Morgan was a fan of the song. Speaking to iHeartCountry, she was asked who she played “Heartfirst” for before it hit the airwaves — and Morgan topped her list.

“Every time I write a new song that I like, I send it to three people: I play it for Morgan when I get home, I send it to my best friend Kelly and my mother,” Kelsea told the outlet. “They’re kind of my litmus test of whether it’s going to be something people like or not. If I get three yeses, it usually makes the record. So I got three yeses.”

As TikTok followers may know, Kelsea’s mom doesn’t just help her with music input. Like the lead singer of “Hole in the Bottle”, carlac also has moves which you can check out below:

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