Weather in Vancouver: Canada area gives summer forecast

After one of the coldest springs ever, you may be looking forward to sunny, warm weather in the months ahead.

But the national weather forecaster isn’t calling for balmy late spring temperatures in Metro Vancouver — and the early summer isn’t looking particularly warm, either.

In April, temperatures were below average in most of BC, while several cities also saw record rains. Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan told Vancouver is amazing in a telephone interview that it is a bit premature to say anything about the summer months, but that the forecast currently shows a below-average trend.

Meteorological summer starts on June 1, which is when the department releases its summer forecast for 2022. Until then, it calls for colder opportunities for May, June and July.

“It is [a] pretty high probability of colder drifts for BC…actually Alberta, Saskatchewan, even Southern Manitoba and [the] Yukon… it’s pretty widespread in western Canada,” Castellan explained.

Metro Vancouver Weather Forecast

In the short term, temperatures are not expected to rise “for at least a week, if not 10 days,” added Castellan, who noted it could be even closer to two weeks before the region sees “something substantial.”

Temperatures could get close to seasonal averages on Sunday (May 15) and Monday, but are expected to drop again after that.

“We’re just dealing with continuous bad weather with the open door to the Pacific over and over again. And so we’re pretty confident in the coming weeks, if not four weeks, that things are going to be a good deal cooler.” [and] possibly wetter, too,” he said.

Castellan warned that timing is key to seasonal forecasts, noting that the June 1 forecast will provide a more accurate representation of the months ahead.

“That’s why we brought ours out at the very last minute for the season. And even then, even if it says…colder than usual or warmer than usual, it still won’t let you know the details and the weather until now see,” he explained.

The seasonal forecast is an important tool for various industries, such as agriculture and disaster relief, “but it’s also not going to tell you if you’re going to see a heat dome in the summer, even if it has a colder chance for the entire summer.”

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