When will Manchester United just be accepted as a badly run club with great years behind them?

Why is Manchester United getting all the attention? Shouldn’t we just continue talking about other football clubs?

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When do we leave Manchester United?
So Manchester United – a club that hasn’t won a league title in the best part of a decade – remains by far the most talked about in the media and on this esteemed website. I don’t think even the smart, media-conscious writers in your hallowed halls can manage three days without writing a feature article about something Manchester United† That changes to daily if you’re one of the big newspapers, it seems. I just saw an article on the Daily M**l about a United player holding a GUN(!)…at a legal shooting range while on vacation. That is apparently ‘news’.

The question I have is just…why? Is it the time of journalists? Why is there this deep trauma among the entire British media about painting a club that has barely touched a trophy in a decade in such a bad light? Only one club has written daily articles about the lack of transfers, despite about three quarters of Premier League teams having reached the same number this summer. Only one club where I counted about half a dozen articles about a player they MAY have not chosen as a sign that the club is a wasteland. And I bet if that same player signs for them there will be a similar number of articles poking fun at United for signing a 30-year free transfer who last played for Brentford.

United is a poorly run football club. There is no lack of it. It hasn’t been particularly successful lately. Most fans are quite optimistic about the position they are in and cling to the hope of change. But even when United finished second, there were no fawning articles about conquering the great Liverpool. If Chelsea finish sixth every two seasons, there aren’t dozens of journalists saying it’s the end of an era. Hardly anyone seems to know where Spurs or Arsenal end up if it’s not in the top four.

I guess my question is: when will Manchester United just be accepted as a badly run club whose great years lie behind it?
Ryan, Bermuda

…I agree with Dave Tickner on the nonsense reporting around the Man United transfer transaction so far this summer. There are unrealistic expectations being imposed on the club with the guarantee that they will not be met. It’s a good way to attract visitors, as watching United fail has become a sport in its own right with fans of all clubs paying for tickets with their clicks. Still, I think there’s justifiable reason for United fans to get frustrated.

We’ve known for a long time where to blame for the poor transfer window, which is at the feet of Ed Woodward and Matt Judge. Their apparent ineptitude has long haunted our negotiations, each transfer became a saga of leak after leak with daily updates on how they ‘played hard’ and ‘didn’t overpay’ only for each to end the same way, taking weeks and months wasted and paying exactly what the selling club wanted in the first place. Yet these two bozos have now left, along with other key executives and directors, raising a faint glimmer of hope that future transfers would be handled differently. Instead we get the same old song and dance. It’s almost as if, as he left United’s office for the last time, Woodward passed Richard Arnold and flung him his coveted transfer playbook and said with a wink: “You’re going to need this”. De Jong’s kerfuffle definitely has a Woodwardy-esque vibe to it, the embarrassing swagger of ‘we can get any player we want, even if they don’t want to play for us’ combined with the utterly short-sighted idea of ​​hitting their number one goal on at the expense of everything else.

Of course there are caveats to be made and expectations to be managed. United are in fact starting their transfer activities late, going into this season with a new Chief Executive, a new Football Director, a new Deputy Football Director, a new Technical Director and a new First Team Manager who will in turn bring new coaches and new players. entails. , new tactics and a new philosophy. It’s all very new. Expecting it to work right away is unreasonable, but when transfers go, they can’t hang out.

I suppose we will have to wait and see which team Ten Hag will eventually work with, but even in the best case scenario, he has a hell of a job. Relative to our rivals, United have a mountain to climb to even keep up with those challenges for the top 4, let alone league titles, and for a club that struggles with gentle slopes that doesn’t bode well. I keep my fingers crossed that Eric is the savior we need, not the clown we deserve.
Dave, Manchester

What makes a supporting actor at Man City?
Alex, called South London That Mahrez played just 28 games for City in the PL . last season so is a team player. I would like to know the stats used to classify someone as a squad player. Is £40million Fabinho with 29 league appearances a squad or first team player? Does that extra appearance make a difference?

One of City’s strengths is the way Pep manages a small roster with many excellent players, so matches are spread across all four competitions. Mahrez made 47 appearances in total last season, including 12 Champions League appearances, including two starts against Real Madrid in the semi-finals. Only three players played for us more last season. That doesn’t sound like a team player to me, Alex. And how could you compare Mahrez to Sancho, Keita, Pepe, Ndombele? LOL.

And as I said in my last letter, this exaggeration is that if a City signing is a mistake we just replace them, only happened once under Pep. We replaced Bravo with Ederson. We still haven’t replaced Mendy and have instead used midfielders and a right-back. So I’m not sure why there’s the idea that if Haaland makes a mistake we’ll just save him, buy someone else and have a bloated team when we’ve never done this before under Pep’s small team schedule. He will either work (many examples of that), or we will sell a young player for a profit (Sane, Torres, Jesus). And with Torres, Jesus and probably Sterling all gone since Grealish signed, I don’t think Grealish will be a ‘couch buddy’ next season.

And Robert G, yes, we’ve wasted a lot of money before, and a lot of it was based on trying to get into the Champions League before FFP started. Hasty spending etc. But I never said we don’t make mistakes. I just said they are very rare under Pep, so it seems ignorant and/or wrong to lump City into Chelsea and PSG in the original letter. And who knows what could have happened to a true left-back in the margins of the Champions League Semi and Final.
Andy D. Manchester. MCFC

Riley’s Battle
Beautiful ! Mike Riley, arguably the worst referee of his generation, is going. I’ve just watched the video of his disgraceful performance at Old Trafford in 2005 when he finished Arsenal’s undefeated run alone. I will not mention individual cases, there were too many. Just watch the video and like most honest supporters you will wonder how he was allowed to referee top matches after that and, unbelievably, how he was appointed referee boss for so many years. Another example of how pathetic the management of English football is.
Macca, Herts

Brexit means Brexit
It is not smart to be sour about Brexit in an article about Thomas Frank† Absolutely disgusting and pathetic.
Leon Woollaston

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