Which Trans YA Book Should You Read This Pride Month?

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Trans YA has come a long way in the past decade as talented trans and non-binary writers are finally getting the resources and publishing opportunities they deserve. (I should note, however, that white authors are still overrepresented here – as they are in cis queer lit – and publishing should do better!). At the same time, we are witnessing a massive backlash with widespread challenges and censorship of books by and/or about LGBTQ+ and/or people of color in the US. It is alarming and disturbing. Here’s an anti-censorship toolkit you can use to help. Once you’ve helped get trans-YA books like these into the hands of young people who need them, pick one up for yourself. Take this quiz to find out which one is for you!

Which YA subgenre are you in the mood for?(Obliged)
Choose a band from the 90s:(Obliged)
What is the perfect prom outfit?(Obliged)

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Choose a teen movie:(Obliged)
Choose a character type in high school:(Obliged)
Which trans flag themed gift are you treating yourself to this Pride season?(Obliged)
What are your Pride weekend plans?(Obliged)
Where are you at a high school party?(Obliged)
What is your ideal after-school snack?(Obliged)
Choose a high school sport:(Obliged)
What was your favorite subject in high school?(Obliged)
Choose a trans or non-binary celebrity:(Obliged)
What shoes do you wear to the first day of school?(Obliged)
What was your favorite extracurricular or after-school activity?(Obliged)
What reading mood are you in?(Obliged)