Why hiring movers is always a good idea, according to a CFP

  • I recently moved to an apartment in New York City and was happy to pay movers to take care of my stuff.
  • My move cost $650 and it was well worth it for me – I was able to relax and work during the move.
  • It’s worth it to me to pay movers because I couldn’t do it myself and it relieves so much stress.

Moving is a fact of life for many – in fact, the average American moves nearly 12 times in their lifetime. And most people, myself included, would agree that while the promise of a new space and fresh start can be exciting, the actual process of moving is no fun.

I’ve paid for movers almost every time I’ve moved in the last few years, and while it can be expensive, I definitely think it’s always worth the money.

My touching story

Last month I moved from a three-bedroom apartment that I shared with two roommates in Manhattan to a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. As this was my first apartment on my own, I had to coordinate the entire move myself, from finding a new place to moving in with the landlord to cleaning and repainting my old apartment (I wanted my deposit back!) .

One of the first things I did after signing the lease was to book my movers, as reservations can fill up pretty quickly by the end of the month, when most people move. Every time I have used them they have been great.

This time I didn’t have much furniture to move except my mattress, bed frame and dresser – but I had about a dozen boxes of clothes and kitchen supplies. I booked my movers for a specific time slot (with no deposit) and on the moving day they called me when they were about an hour away from my apartment. Three movers showed up in a van and got to work while I reclined on my couch, checking emails and answering some phone calls.

I had boxed most of my belongings, but my movers packed some of my more fragile items for me, such as my TV, and taped up some of my heavier boxes.

After they loaded the van, I left my old apartment, got on the subway and met them at the new place. There I started cleaning and unpacking as they brought everything upstairs. All in all, it took about three to four hours from start to finish.

A more affordable alternative to hiring a moving company is hiring a Taskrabbit or gig worker to help you carry your boxes. They often charge lower hourly rates. However, you will often have to take a more active role in your move – and personally I wanted to pay to avoid lifting heavy boxes yourself.

I live in New York so I don’t have a car and would have to rent a van to transport my stuff. And since I’m only one person, it would have taken me hours to get everything to the curb, let alone put it in a van and then back to my new apartment. I consider myself to be fairly strong, but moving a mattress myself seems like a huge and potentially unsafe task to do alone.

How much do movers cost?

Movers costs can vary widely depending on how much stuff you have, how far you’re moving, and other details like how many stairs your movers have to climb, whether you have very delicate items, or if you need anything. extra boxes and help with packing.

Some movers let you pack everything yourself and just move the boxes around, while others come and pack everything yourself and unpack everything for you.

According to data from the American Moving and Storage Association and United Van Lines, the average local move costs $1,400 with movers, while a long-distance move costs about $4,300.

I have used the same moving company for the past few moves and they charge $130 per hour with a minimum of three hours. They have an option to pack everything for you, but it saves them time (and is usually cheaper) to box everything themselves.

My movers charged me $520 and I paid a total of $650 including a 25% tip (always tip your movers!). I was able to get an accurate estimate the month before, which made it easier to budget and avoid the stress of unexpected expenses.

I paid money to make money

As a financial planner, it’s all about making smart decisions with my money and reducing unnecessary purchases. However, I also believe that money is a tool that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want. I am a proponent of paying for tools or services that can save you time.

For me, time is my most valuable resource, and I didn’t want to lose a day of work to move. With movers, I didn’t have to take up time off and could continue to work while they moved my stuff – meaning I actually made money during my move.

For me, hiring movers is always worth the money. It takes away so much of the headaches and stress of moving, and makes the overall move much more enjoyable.

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