Wild wet weather crushes Adelaide as emergency services work to clean up damage and brace for more rain

Adelaide has seen its wettest 24 hours this year, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

A BOM spokesman said the city had received more than 46mm of rain overnight, with the city of Woodhouse in Adelaide Hills taking in 80mm of rain and Ashton more than 70mm.

High winds also wreaked havoc, with gusts reaching 102 km/h in Noarlunga and over 90 km/h in the Kuitpo Forest.

A flooded parking lot
There is a cleaning going on in the Burnside Village parking lot.ABC news.

Emergency services received more than 350 calls overnight.

At Burnside, the SES is trying to clear the flooded parking lot.

There are currently 90 open SES jobs as the wet weather continues.

Margaret Thomson spent the morning rescuing items at a friend’s property in Linden Park she cares for.

Cleaning up lady with mop
Mrs. Thomson cleans up in Linden Park. ABC news: Patrick Martin

“The rain has just been heavy, it hasn’t stopped all night,” she said.

A lady in a striped shirt facing the camera with a mop
Margaret Thomson is cleaning up her friend Linden Park’s estate. ABC Adelaide: Patrick Martin

“When I came to have a look, the courtyard was completely submerged.”

She said she had tried to purify water, but the drains weren’t big enough.

“Hopefully the SES can get here soon, I understand they are extremely busy.

“Then I can sandbag and try to stop the flooding.”

Wild wind damage

Despite the fact that there was not much rain, the regional areas were faced with strong wind gusts.

In Gladstone, the roof of the Golf Club was blown off.

A club room with half of the roof missing
Gladstone Golf Club members say they are devastated that they lost the roof of their clubroom last night. Delivered: Dennis Webster

Treasurer Dennis Webster said cleaning is in progress.

roof iron on the ground is daged
The roof of the Gladstone Golf Club was blown off overnight. Delivered: Dennis Webster

“We’re checking what’s damaged inside,” he said.

“We’re trying to clean up what’s left, the SES is trying to tie up the other half of the room here.

Mr. Webster said many trees had fallen in the city.

“It was really high winds, but not that much rain,” he said.

SES officer Brenton Clarke urged people to ensure their homes were safe, with more wet and windy conditions predicted.

“It is important that people are vigilant and ensure that properties are clear of debris, drains and gutters are clean and all areas with loose objects,” said Mr Clarke.

“Fences or some roofs that do need to be repaired, people will take care of that.

White car stuck in flood water
Greenhill Road in Adelaide is under water.ABC News: Patrick Martin

“Especially at some events where trees are cut down, they can see branches or trees that have fallen on roads.

“Today we expect more calls during those events plus additional calls as this rain continues all day and into the next day.”

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