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Greeted by even more cheers from the cheering crowd, the Duke went on to praise the pioneers and environmentalists around the world.

Among them, he paid tribute to Prince Charles and Prince Philip for their roles in preserving and protecting the environment over the decades.

He said, “I am so proud that my father and grandfather were a part of those efforts.”

He then went on to name the naturalist Sir David Attenborough, who “looked at the beauty and strength of our earth and worked to celebrate and preserve it.”

Then he went on to pay tribute to the queen.

William started with a joke, saying of his 96-year-old grandmother, “Although no one’s grandmother thanks them for talking about their age, my own grandmother has been alive for almost a century.”

After a pause as the crowd cheered, he went on to say, “During that time, humanity has benefited from unimaginable technological advances and scientific breakthroughs.

“And while those breakthroughs have made us aware of the impact humans are having on our world, our planet has become more vulnerable.

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“Today, in 2022, as the Queen celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, the urgent need to protect and restore our planet has never been more urgent.”

The Duke further spoke of the need for all nations to come together to protect the environment and save the planet for future generations.

He said: “Like them, I am an optimist. Decades of advocating better care for our world has put the environmental issue at the top of the agenda.

“More and more companies and politicians are answering the call, and perhaps most inspiringly, the call is now led by an amazing and united generation of people around the world.”

Prince William’s words were once again welcomed by the cheering crowd, with loud cheers.


He added: “Congratulations to all of them, they will not accept the status quo, they will not accept that change is too difficult to achieve.

“Never before have we had so much power to change the big things.

“Over the past 70 years, humanity has put humans on the moon.

“We’ve built the World Wide Web and we’ve developed vaccines and solutions for some of the most life-threatening diseases on Earth.

“When humanity focuses its mind, anything is possible.

“It is my firm hope that in 70 years my grandmother’s words will be as true as they will be tonight.

“That we as nations come together for a common goal, because then there is always room for hope.

“Tonight was full of optimism and joy, and there is hope.

“As we collectively harness the very best of humanity and restore our planet, we will protect it for our children, our grandchildren and future generations.

“They will be able to say with pride what is being achieved, what a beautiful world.”

Prince William attended the Party at the Palace event tonight with his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and their eldest son and daughter – Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

During the event, the Duke was spotted sharing an adorable moment with Prince George, his heir and third in line to the throne.

The children, who are believed to have attended their very first concert tonight, seemed thoughtful and eager to sit in the royal box, surrounded by some 30 members of the Firm.

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