Woman in Mallorca condemns her ‘hopeless situation’ after flight Manchester

A woman was forced to pay £700 on her credit card after her suitcase went missing. Jill O’Callaghan, 54, flew from Manchester to Palma, Mallorca on Tuesday (May 10) and arrived – but her suitcase had not been brought on the plane.

Despite numerous phone calls and emails with airline TUI, which said her luggage would arrive on the next flight, her luggage still hasn’t arrived on Saturday (May 14). Jill had only the clothes she wore on the plane for a few days, and has since spent £700 buying essential clothes, cosmetics and car hire to keep her going until the end of her holiday.

She was left in a state of fear and worry, not only because of the suitcase, but because her late mother’s compact mirror was among her belongings. Now desperate for answers about where her luggage is, Jill has expressed concern about the imminent increase in airport holidaymakers during the school holidays.

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Speaking with the Manchester Evening News, Jill said she and her partner would be skiing earlier this year with TUI’s sister company, Crystal Skiing, but could instead switch to a summer vacation to Palma. After a few delays at the airport, the couple was boarding the morning flight when they noticed her partner’s luggage being taken to the hold on top of the carrier.

“I laughed with my partner and said ‘there’s your business,’ and never thought about it again,” she said. “When we arrived in Palma, my partner went through to collect our luggage. I could see him with his, but mine never got through the assembly line.

“We spoke to the ground service team in Palma and were given a reference number which was said to be the golden ticket to understanding where the case was located. We were told it would come day after day with the next flight but when that flight came in there was no case. †

Despite repeatedly contacting TUI on their website, Jill was unable to get a definitive answer as to where her suitcase was. She was offered £75 on Friday (13 May), but this has yet to be deposited into her bank account, she said.

The couple had since had to use their credit card to rent a car for £70 a day so they could get to the nearest shopping center where they bought essential items worth £700.

On their way back to their hotel, they stopped at Palma airport to see if they could get help. “No one can reach Manchester Airport. It’s ridiculous to get through to them. there is a connection with their passengers who travel,” said Jill van de Wirral.

‘We don’t know if my luggage has been lost. We are disappointed with the airport. We’ll be here for a week until Saturday and if we don’t hear from them, I’m afraid my suitcase is lost.

“I keep thinking if someone was traveling with their kids or had medicine in their suitcase. We do our best to make the best of our vacation. We keep trying to get answers.

“My fear is that we will come home and they will deliver it when we get home. Unfortunately I lost my mother in February and I had a compact mirror of her in my suitcase that she gave me. I’m afraid I won’t get it back and it’s running through my head.

‘They are my personal belongings. It’s a hopeless situation. I don’t want to worry about the rest of my vacation. They cannot give me a guarantee that it will be delivered on the next flight and there is a void and I am in a certain amount of anxiety,” she added.

As checked baggage check-in is part of the airline’s service, Manchester Airport was unable to comment. A TUI spokesperson said: “We would like to apologize to Ms O’Callaghan for the delay in receiving her luggage. We understand how frustrating this is and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are in contact with her and are working to resolve it. problem as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson for Swissport (the designated handler for TUI) s aid: “We are sorry to hear about this passenger’s experience. We are urgently investigating this situation and we will work with our airline and airport partners to resolve this matter as soon as possible.”

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